Boat Maintenance

Boats enable their owners to participate in various activities ranging from fishing to racing. One way to ensure top performance every time is to keep the vehicle well-maintained. There are a number of tasks that must be completed on a recurring basis. Some of these have to be done daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. The easiest tasks can be carried out regularly without taking too much time or effort. Others are much more difficult and can be relegated to a yearly cycle. It is important to create a checklist and follow a set schedule for extended service life.

Extra information about surface preparation tools


Among the biggest tasks is cleanup. There is a lot of things in the water that is not good for a boat. On the surface level, dirt can latch on and make it look unsightly. Some of this will easily come off after a good wipe and a freshwater rinse. Others will require the use of a cleaning solution to help disengage the dirt. The type of paint or surface treatment will dictate additional steps. Some paints have anti-fouling features that prevent algae build-up. If its age is already showing, then perhaps it's time to get the surface preparation tools and get the boat ready for a new coat.


The engine is the most vital part of the vessel. Its various moving components can succumb to breakdown due to friction if they are not properly maintained. At the very least, lubrication should be applied to avoid this. The oil level must be checked from time to time to ensure adequacy. An oil change is ideal every hundred hours. The filter should also be replaced every quarter or as needed. The spark plugs must be cleaned, especially around the contacts. Do the same for the battery terminals. Prevent rust by spraying oil on electrical components. Check the belts for wear and tear. Test everything for reliability.


Boats are not only susceptible to damage when in the water. Often, the vessels are taken to dry land for storage during the winter or other extended periods of inactivity. They are usually stored in a garage or a warehouse with different levels of suitability for the job. Prepare the unit well to reduce the work necessary in activating it again once the cold months are over. A thorough cleaning is advised so that dirt will not harden on the surfaces. The engine should get a pro level maintenance check if possible.